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Re: Overlooked the Lens Issue ...

Jim F wrote:

... as a new D800E owner and having owned the D200, D300 and D700, I am fortunate to not have any of the AF issues that trouble many of you. My D800E tests out perfectly. However, one thing about the D800/E and AF performance that I perhaps have not taken seriously enough (when deciding on whether to sink $3K USD into a new body) is whether the lens one uses is up to the task of "supporting" the D800/E and what it can do, assuming the body has no AF issues.

It is painfully clear to me that I am going to have to invest in some better glass if I want any consistent image acuity results with the D800E. My Gitzo 3540 tripod, Markins head and Wimberley Sidekick are "supportive" towards good image and focus results. But my lens kit sucks except for the 24-120/4. I knew that going into this purchase, but I swept that fact under the rug.

What I am trying to contribute here is that the need for good lens should not be ignored when talking about AF performance here. I am no expert; just some average bloke who learns everything the hard way.

Good point here on the lenses. While I shoot with a very good 70-200VRII and an AF-S 300 f4, I also shoot with a Nikon 80-400AF and a Sigma 150-500. The D4 will make the 150-500 shine whereas the D800 will not.

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