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Alpha Doug wrote:

How, exactly are you trying to do this? Let's presume that DXO can see the RAW files you have stored in your referenced Library. Then if you open your RAW file into DXO directly, you can process it and save it back into your Aperture Library. But how will Aperture be able to see the RAW edits you did in DXO? Wouldn't DXO have to save a finished TIFF or PSD back into the Library? And then, the database link to the new file will not have been created, so you would have to import that finished file back into Aperture. Seems a little hinky, unless there is some other way I'm not familiar with.

This is where Folder Actions are extremely useful. I have set up a special 'RAW Export' folder. If I want to work on a RAW file with another editor (in my case PhotoNinja), I export the original RAW file from Aperture into that folder. A folder action will start PhotoNinja as soon as a file is added to that folder, so it's almost like PhotoNinja is an Aperture (RAW-)plugin. When I'm happy with the results in PhotoNinja, I export a TIFF from PhotoNinja into a second special folder, called 'TIFF Import Folder'. This folder has a 'Import into Aperture' folder action, so Aperture will come to the front and ask me where I want to import the TIFF. Works like a charm. You could say that it's a free version of 'Catapult'.

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