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However, I've been reading Thom's latest post, which in turn is sort of a follow up on a recent discussion on this forum, and the constant controversy over whether D800 is a D700 successor. Thom's argument is that shooting sports timing and anticipation matter more than the burst rate. In principle I would definitely buy this argument. I shoot sports quite a lot, and I don't routinely use large bursts, trying to better anticipate things instead. I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that you can shoot sports with a camera that generates a 70MB raw file per shot, and that it makes any sense for this application. But this aside (and it is a big psychological barrier for me), the usability of D800 for many types of photography I can relate to boils down to its AF module.

I think people that say that about sports shooting with a D800 are people who don't do a LOT of sports shooting in a variety of circumstances. In previous posts, I have named off a multitude of circumstances that occur to me regularly in the sports I shoot where it is NOT possible to anticipate the peak moment and capturing the sequence around the possible peak moment is the only way to give yourself a chance of capturing it. For those moments, more fps equals better chance of getting the peak moment. I don't just lay down a 4 second burst of 30 shots for every shot. Most of my shots are 3-4 shot bursts. Some are single shots. But some are 10-20 shot sequences where I think something cool might happen, but I have no way of knowing if/when.


Good post on this John. I feel the same. I don't shoot for money so I don't have to run off 1000 shots, but a quick burst "capturing the sequence around the possible peak moment is the only way to give yourself a chance of capturing it." is the way I like to go. Basically "framing" the peak moment with a number of shots.

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