Renaming an SD card

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Re: Renaming an SD card

Graham Clark 178 wrote:

tnphoto wrote:

Thanks, Lou. Dick, I've already tried simple renaming without success.

Sounds like the volume is read-only, probably an ExFAT partition schema which is laid down by the camera. To change the name:

1. Launch Disk Utility

2. Select SD card

3. Click 'Partition' tab

4. Select Format: Mac OS X (HFS+ Journaled)

5. Rename volume on your desktop. (if you don't see it on the desktop your preferences are hiding them)

If you format it this way, you can use it as a storage volume for Mac OS X, but the camera needs to reformat it in order to save data down, as it see's only ExFAT, not 'HFS+ Journaled'

If you still want to use the card in your camera, this may not be a good idea. If you 'format' a memory card in your camera, most cameras will not really repartition the card, but simply erase it. That's why rescue software can normally be used to save images from a card that has been 'formatted' in the camera. However, if 'formatting' in your camera is really only erasing the contents, your camera may not be able to reformat a HFS+ formatted SD card at all. It probably depends on the camera, but all you may get is a 'Card Error' massage.

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