New lens for my a77 - recommendations please

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Re: I'm curious...

JimmyMelbourne wrote:

If you read the OP post he states it is out of his budget but it is still under consideration. Obviously if he can stretch his budget it is the best choice out of the three he highlights.

That's how I read it anyway.

Yes, I appreciate Cobaltfire's comments - but I also have been around forums long enough to know you'll get a mixed bag of responses & its up to you to decipher them & make your decision.

You are correct though Jimmy - the 16-50 was/is a little out of my budget but if it somehow was the holy grail of lenses without shortcomings, i would have saved & waited.  I dont believe it is & now that ive read more & looked more, I believe Ive narrowed my choices to:

Sony 16 - 105

Sony 18 - 135

I am flip flopping between them, but probably leaning a bit more towards the 18-135 for the type of shooting I do.  Pixel peeping isnt a concern to me but solid sharpness is & it seems like they both offer solid IQ in most situations.

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