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Re: From your MOD.

RealPancho wrote:

jalywol wrote:

FYI, I was not the one who removed the thread, however the the veiled epithet in the title of the thread is one of those things that are expressly prohibited in the forum rules.

Now, since you have griped about the end result of what was essentially completely your fault, and completely preventable if you had adhered to the forum rules in the first place, I have gone back, edited the titles of the posts, and reopened it.

Save all of us some aggravation and read the forum rules before you post something that violates them (and gets deleted) again.

That is an excellent suggestion.

I have one for you, if you don't mind. I've looked but haven't seen a direct link to the rules on the forum home page. As I write this, I see one above, but I had to initiate this post to see it. Realizing that you moderators do not maintain the site, I would suggest that this get forwarded to someone who does. It might be helpful (might - just maybe - a tiny bit?) if the rules were more readily accessible to someone before they begin to write a message to post, as one is not as disposed to doing a little reading at the moment when they've decided to formulate and/or express a thought.

Thanks for performing what is mostly a thankless task.


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Request posted to Mod forum, thanks!  BTW, you should also use the forum feedback link to send the same request directly to the Admins.  Sometimes if they hear it from more than one source, it helps, too.


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