Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

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Re: Thanks for the raw files as well

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Shaun_Nyc wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

I have not seen even once of your D800 photos.

Me either, Dave can you put some up please ! I want to see this 36mp beast in your talented hands

The topic is about the 60D providing more resolution than the 5D. It appears you missed that. I'm not sure what my D800 or your critique on my use of it has to do with topic at hand. Oh ya....nothing.

right but we have right to quesion your credibility.  You don't own both 60D and 5D as well 24-70L II, period. I own all of three so I can do a valid test while you cannot.

hold of your rave and waiting for my test. End of story.

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