Buyer says lens flawed

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Re: no dust found...

polizonte wrote:

No clean lab but having been trained in ESD control at Lucent, I have the habit/obsession of grounding myself before removing my lenses from Nikons. So far the only dust I have found in photos taken with the lens and my D800 is what is stuck to these cabinet doors @f14,flash, no spot removal. I am now sure if the buyer did have a problem, it was the dusty sensors of his DSLR's.

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Sounds to me like a case of "buyer's remorse". The not so nice comment about the lens cap is what sealed it for me.

Retailers I know are having more and more issues like this too. Not just photography, but other optical instruments too. I know some telescope makers who now place near invisible seals inside their telescopes. The reason being, like another poster pointed out, somebody would buy an expensive telescope and a cheap one, both the same size & focal length. They would then swap out the lenses, and sell the "premium" telescope on ebay, etc.

The new buyer would then not see anything wrong on the exterior, but optically, it would not seem to perform as it should.  The new "used" buyer  would then return it to the original manufactuer for service, only to find out the primary objective had been switched. So I can see the same kind of thing happening with camera lenses too.

they may not even swap out a lens, they might just figure out how to swap the main ring and/or body part that has the serial number on it.

Almost anything I buy or sell used person to person anymore, I do so in person. If somebody gets their nose out of joint because I want to test the lens on my camera first, and I always do it in their presence in front of them, if they don't agree to that, sorry not interested in buying your lens or filter.

Store wise, so far, I have had good luck buying used. This is especailly true when I buy a refurbished product direct form Nikon Service. You pay a premium over ebay used prices, but the warranty and the fact the product is in guaranteed good shape IMO is worth it

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