5D Classic vs Fuji Ex-1

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Re: 5D Classic vs Fuji Ex-1

I second newone, here. In preparing for a trip to Japan and China I deliberated between a Fuji X-E1, X100s, or bringing my 5Dc. I had an X100s pre-ordered, but given I didn't think it would arrive in time, I picked up the Sigma 35mm 1.4 and was completely taken by it. The lens is absolutely as good as everyone says it is (at least as good as and likely better than the 35L in my opinion, for less money).

I've been traveling through Kyoto and Tokyo and am now in Beijing and have essentially used just the Sigma with amazing results. The color, sharpness, depth of field control, bokeh, AF speed, and build quality are all stellar. There is a noticeable difference in DOF between f1.4 on full frame and f2.0 on APS-C. I've copied below a few samples from Japan in a range of locations (temple, train station, fish market). Although the 5D and 35 1.4 combo is certainly heavier and larger than an X cam, I had no trouble carrying it with me all day with a wrist/hand strap (not necessarily true for others).

I had a chance to shoot with an X100s in the store in Kyoto and brought along an SD card. I was impressed by the autofocus speed and the quality of the files I brought home. I am a convert to the 35mm focal length and still may try to get my hands on an X100s, but in the meantime I'm thrilled with the Canon/Sigma combination.

C&C on the photos below welcome!

- Anthony

Intersection in Arashiyama

Arashiyama driveway

Floating lotus flower pods on approach to Tenryu-Ji

Early cherry blossoms on approach to Tenryu-Ji temple

Tokyo fish market octopus

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