Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

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Re: Thanks for the raw files as well

Dave Luttmann wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Peter has been arguing this to death for years. Everytime results are posted proving him wrong, he tries to come up with excuses.

Namecalling again!

There is no name calling in that sentence. Please point out for everyone where the name calling is.

who is 'Peter' you are namecalling? You said qianp2k many times in other posts. It's you keep namecalling and keep stalking my posts actually. I even don't want to talk to you but you keep posting under my posts, hum?

As a working photographer for over two decades with hundreds of weddings, thousands of portrait sessions, and thousands of enlargements made from virtually every camera ever made...I can tell you that you have done this fairly by showing your results along with providing raw samples.

But you don't have even a single photo can show to us. Please show us a few of your 7D photos to prove they have that bloody resolution? You can claim whatever you wanted such as you already bought a D800 merely only few weeks after its announcement when most were still waiting in line. But so far nobody ever see a single D800 photo from you. Nobody will believe you if you have nothing and no better to show.

Ive posted many times Peter. You pretend the posts dont exist. Of course this is irrelevant as his samples clearly prove what I have said all along...that you were wrong.

I have not seen even once of your D800 photos. I did see your one or two 7D photos long ago that in very small size and pretty mushy, nowhere to show 7D resolution. Post in full size again. A face snapshot in 100% cropped that I have asked more than 2 full years!  What's the problem to present us your 7D resolution?

Thanks for posting these. I was working on a resolution chart series between the 7D and 5D. But I think these do the job better. And if I posted my work, he would claim it as a fake anyway.

You never own and experience any 5D cameras but that doesn't prevent you jumping and spread BS in many 5D related threads. You're known 5D basher.

Now Peter, owning a camera is not necessary for a test. You comment all the time on gear you dont own. I however have far more experince printing large prints from the 5D and 5D2 than you do.

So you admit you have no experience of any 5D cameras that explains everything. You keep claiming prints but nobody can see your prints but everyone can see your JPEG photos. You used to claim you cannot see difference between 7D and 5D2 at 30x20" print (I can see between my 60D and 5D2) but you can clearly see difference between D800 and 5D3 at 30x20" (despite you don't own 3 of 4 cameras when you made the claim then), wow. That contradicts many others I have read. I just don't believe you as known 5D basher (as you did in hundred posts just find fault with 5Dc name, a small example despite you know what is 5Dc exactly). You used to known by many in another screenname - Faintandfuzzy.

I'm not bashing the 5D at all. I have maintained that the 18mp sensor provides more rez. You said it doesn't.

Not just what I said, it's DXOMark says that is way more creditalbe than you.

I said it depends on lenses. With 300L II for example, 7D does outresolve 5Dc. With 24-70L II it's washed as it can go either way and basically tired as DXOMark tested. With 24-105L, 5Dc outresolves 7D again as DXOMark shows.  DXOMark is right.

Read carefully what I said.

Now that you have once again been proven incorrect, you're simply lashing out at me again. Just admit you were mistaken and move on. Lashing out at me doesnt build you up in any way.

Judges are still out. I will provde tests under tight controlled environment in this coming weekend (provided weather allowed). I will do test under various light conditions as I said, and with difference lenses.

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