Prediction: Nikon will lose a ton of money on Coolpix A

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Re: Prediction: Nikon will lose a ton of money on Coolpix A

coudet wrote:

MoreorLess wrote:

The problem I'd say is that the X100(the hybrid viewfinder), DP series(the sensor) or the Leica(the brand/styling) all offer something extra the Nikon does not.

Coolpix A sensor is lot better than the one in the Sigma cameras.

Nikon seem to be hoping that size alone is going to sell this camera

It's size, but not only that, marketing guys made the right call not to include the AA filter, even if it brings some issues. It's all the rage now.

And I agree, they could have considered doing something extra. No viewfinder is probably due to wanting the smallest size possible. Even so, they could have gone with the ugly retro styling, and ignited some misplaced nostalgia in potential buyers. Worked out ok for Fuji and Olympus.

That depends what your after I'd guess, the coolpix A will be alot better than the Sigma at higher ISO's but I doubt it will offer superior image quality at base ISO. The Fuji on the other hand seems to offer pretty similar higher ISO performance to the Nikon.

I don't think theres really anything "wrong" with the camera other than the price given its competision. When I first saw the specs I was really tempted as I'v been considering a compact alternative/backup to my D800(I take mostly landscapes, architecture and some street so 28mm would have been ideal for me) but not at £1000, probabley not at more than £500.

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