So... I finally come to a decision to go with the OM-D... Is there any big hand users out there?

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Re: So... I finally come to a decision to go with the OM-D... Is there any big hand users out there?

I wear x-large gloves.  The camera  is no problem for me to use - I actually fell in love with it, and put the DSLR in the closet after just a few minutes of playing with it.  Isn't that's the point of M43 - great IQ in a small package?

It's not pefect, no camera is perfect.  The Fn1 and the playback buttons are a bit too close together IMO.  The on/off swtich, well, it's poorly implemented, but neither are deal breakers.  You just have to adjust - just like with every other camera.

The great thing about the EM-5 is there are multiple ways to do things.  For example, scrolling using the arrow keys - which, yes, are small buttons.  But for most things, you can use one of the two wheels on top of the camera to scroll - works great - or you can use the touch screen.  I rarely use the arrow keys.  The customization options are huge.

I can undertand people wanting larger buttons or a nice big grip.  For those that shoot one handed all the time - the lack of a deep grip I could see as a problem.  Coming from a DSLR, I always shoot with two hands - left under the lens, right on the side of the body - the camera is perfectly comfortable to me in that mode.  What I can't understand, knowing the cameara is small, and knowing their own preferences, they buy it anyway and then complain about it being, well surprise surprise...small.

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