7D Bird and beach shots w/Canon 300mm f/4 and 18-135mm

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Re: 7D Bird and beach shots w/Canon 300mm f/4 and 18-135mm

happysnapper64 wrote:

Some really nice shots there Kev. I am considering the 300f/4 myself, plus the 1.4tc. Which tc did you use? My hands can be a little shaky because of meds, so although many suggest the 400f/5.6, the lack of IS could be a problem. I could use the 400 on a tripod, but I would be limiting its usage, & feel it would be too expensive to do so. I would be interested to know your thoughts on it, either here or in a PM. Thank's for posting the pics.

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lee uk.
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Thanks Lee!  I had the 400 f/5.6 for a brief period a few years ago before I started taking bird pictures.  I used it with my 5D and I liked the lens - it was very sharp, but I didn't need it at the time so I sold it.  When I got my 7D I really wanted to start taking bird pictures and I decided to go with the 300 f/4 because of the IS.  I did not want to be tied down to a tripod all the time, and I feel the IS is worth it for me.  I know some don't use the IS with higher shutter speeds/panning etc.  but I always do.  It takes a slight bit longer to stabilize the IS but that isn't an issue when I take bird pics cause I usually try and prepare a bit before actually firing the shutter.

I have the Canon 1.4 II extender.  I'm not sure the III was out yet when I got this.  I've been happy with it - it will slow down the focus slightly (the camera may hunt a little more) but I feel the pics are just as sharp as when not using it.  The 300mm is noted as being a very sharp lens to begin with.  I also was tempted to get the 100-400mm lens which also has IS and I can't really remember the reason why I didn't!  I guess I felt I would be using the shorter end that much considering my other lenses.  In any case, the only time I use the 300 with or without the extender WITH a tripod is when I'm shooting pics of the sky/moon or something, and then I ALWAYS turn off the IS.

BTW, when shooting even at higher shutter speeds, I've tried shooting without the IS thinking the focus may be a bit faster etc., and I find my shots are always sharper WITH the IS, and my hands don't really shake that much!

Hope this helps somewhat.



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