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Re: NX300 Release Date

I wonder if I should sell my NX20 and buy an NX300?  The main reason is that I rarely use the EVF, due to my bad vision!  The EVY works well, but my contacts give me issues after a few shots.  In addition, I do not take many flash shots...

Since I got a great deal on the NX20 body separate from the lens, I could sell just the body only for say $375.  B&H is selling an NX300 with the 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 ED II compact zoom lens for $748 -- this is the next lens on my list.

Thus, $748 - $375 - $219 = $154 for the NX300, out of pocket.

To sweeten the deal, I could give the Lightroom software to the buyer, as I have CS6 (and Lightroom already)...

Might even be able to get the NX300 for a bit less...

The last factor in my consideration is that next year, I will be getting a full-frame camera.  Since the NX300 is smaller than the NX20, my cameras would be an RX100 for the pocket, the NX300 for most street photography and high-quality portability and the full-frame when required.

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