first day with Pentax Q ("Focusing with Image Enlarged" oddity)

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first day with Pentax Q ("Focusing with Image Enlarged" oddity)

I bought a Q with the prime and 5-15 zoom recently.

Fantastic little cam that I normally would not be attracted to (retro looks, no viewfinder), but the size and price won me over and I'm glad I got it.

The question Just wondering if anyone has encountered a little bug I found today, but I'm unsure how to replicate now. All I can remember is this:

When manual focusing, I enabled the "Focusing with the Image Enlarged" feature(Page 93 of the PDF manual).

All was fine: the enlargement would show and it would make focus easier. At some point I think I switched back to autofocus (AF) and it was at this point that half-pressing the shutter button on the Q would also show up an enlarged image. Weird. I only wanted this to apply for Manual Focus. I thought it was quite illogical for it to do the same enlarging of the image in AF mode.

So I went back into the same menus to see what's up and I think I changed the enlargement setting to OFF. After this point (I think), when I went to half-press the shutter button again, the image would again be enlarged, but this time stretched far wider than normal (like viewing a monitor at the wrong aspect ratio with obvious 'wide' stretch).

Letting go of the half-press on the shutter button would return it back to the normal live preview of whatver you're aiming the camera at. I was confused, but it kept doing it every time I half-pressed the shutter button.

I tried changing modes on the Mode Dial. The same enlarged and unnaturally stretched image would display on the LCD when half-pressing the shutter button.

The only thing that got rid of the bug was to turn the unit OFF and ON again.

Has anyone else has encountered this bug with their Q?

Things seem fine now, but I just wonder what that was about. For what it's worth, I was using the F1.9 prime at the time (and still have it attached).

Appreciate any insight during this honeymoon period with the Q

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