Epson 4900 premature printhead failures

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Re: Epson 4900 premature printhead failures

Thought I would update my recent experiences with my 4900, as this may help those with a similar problem.

One thing I am not sure of is whether all of us with similar symptoms (random clogged nozzles or entire color not printing) have the same problem.

I can tell you this, I have a problem with random clogged nozzles.  It seemed the longer the printer was off, the worse the problem was.  It also seems that using the nozzle cleaning procedure had little effect.  For me, it was totally random as to which nozzles and colors were affected.

I start with printing a nozzle check page.  This time, though, without doing anything, I left the printer on and printed another page a few hours later.  It showed better results.  The next day, I noticed the printer had not gone to sleep because I left the front panel in a sub menu.  So, I printed another nozzle check page.  Almost perfect.  This time, I purposefully left the panel in a sub menu to keep it awake.  The next day, perfect.  I've left the printer in a sub menu each time (keeping the printer awake), and each day, the nozzle check page is perfect.

Could it be that keeping the printhead circuitry alive and charged keeps the printheads working?

While I'm all for conserving electricity, the cost in ink used trying to make non-functional nozzles work is higher and I'm all for keeping the printer on 7/24.

Maybe others here could try keeping their's on and post results here.

In the meantime, I have a 3rd party extended warranty (AMEX) and am contemplating getting an estimate from Epson and having AMEX pay to repair it.

Are those of you who have had their printheads replaced seeing better reliability?  I don't want to go through the repair just to have the same problem again.

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