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Re: Why do I post here?

SigmaChrome wrote:

DMillier wrote:

I'm disappointed you seem to take the general view that someone who suffers misfortune necessarily brought it upon themself. That's very harsh.

Who are talking about Dave? And exactly what misfortune? The OP took it upon himself to attack pretty much everyone who supports Sigma - whilst asking for assistance. Literally spitting in their eyes. Several people offered to help but he refused and then heaped on more derision.

Is this the way to get along in any community?

It can be true, but usually isn't. Historically there is a common habit of blaming the victim and thus escaping responsibility for contributing to the conditions that make misfortune for others unevitable.

You might find this report interesting reading http://www.jointpublicissues.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Truth-And-Lies-Report-smaller.pdf. I found it so (despite usually having little regard for statements by religious institutions).


Let's take RonJ out of equation. The offensive language he used in some of his posts don't get my approval even if that was an act of desperation on his part. What I posted in this thread was not in RonJ defense directly.

I think that the problem here is deeper and more general. Point is that every one who dare to express his/her opinion going against the popular consensus and mindset of core Sigma users on this forum become the potential target for unprecedented, multiple attacks, mostly by the same posters. This happened in the past to Dave Millier, Raist and others.

What Yvind posted initially, provoked some very emotional reactions. Resulted postings attacked him not just because he defended RonJ but rather because he went against the "establishment" on this forum, trying to uncover tactics and mechanisms ruling within the group. That is my impression and belief.


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