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Re: sure?

Usee wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

Usee wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

But, deletions makes it difficult to go back to find evidence of one thing or another. And since so many (Laurence included) treated the man nicely.

But with your crack memory, you should remember all of the stuff deleted, which does not happen anymore. They just lock the threads. Deleting was done in the days of the older persona.

Laurence You are to often wrong...

...rethoric skill and a broad education can't substitute the truth -

neither in Your, nor in another universe.

Where am I wrong there except in my irony. Have they really deleted threads lately? Have they also gone through and parsed stuff out on a general basis? I know of one instance of the latter in recent times. But, of course, I could be wrong there. In any case, there is enough evidence of Ron's past provocation to make the basis of what I stand true, imo.

If one would collect all the provocations You and others have done in the past...

...more than a thousand Ron's were allowed to provoce a bit...

...but for some strange reason, the most annoying posts of the "Evangelists" were deleted,

or are partly written in the subject line, so that one could not quote them properly...


...but You know that already, so there is nothing more to explain.


The most stupid thing that can happen is a autosuggestiv succesful leader - don't You think?

I have no idea what that means.



You know,

what Richard wrote:

"I don't like to take direct orders from anyone. What I post is what I feel and believe. No politics, no vested interests. Why are you trying to put a barrier in regard to Yvind postings? I'm not under NDA agreement with anybody or anyone."

...could be written by me.

And me too. Why do you think I am pushing back at our friend from Sweden? Because I enjoy his self-righteous preaching?

He was and is IMHO one of the worthiest contenders in this forum - in every regard...

Ulrich, that comment means a lot to me.

I really appreciate that you and Richard take part in this. It is nice to know that I am not alone on Morale High Ground.

But, let us stop now, at least in this thread. I am afraid it is fruitless.

...You should have really taken part in this thread:


...it would have been helpful for Sigma, because Sigma could have shown more pleasing examples around camera announcements, than dog pictures.



Since when do You have a well working color management - I mean a color management that is not only working within Your own workflow, but also working when exchanging files for common work at different screens and printer?

This was probably the missing base around 3 years ago, don't You think?

I have no idea what you are referring to here.


I had good color management until about two years ago, when my main monitor began to go south. When it died, I could not afford to replace it and it was too expensive to upgrade my Gretag stuff, as well. So I fiddled along for about 18 months. I now have had a good monitor again since about 2 months. It works well within my system, and I can check it outside my system quickly on another computer for the Internet sRGB stuff.

Nice to hear that it works again, so I hope we can see further improvements according color rendition, as seen with the DP3M.

Is that what you wanted to know in your PMs?


Because You startet to send me PMs...

...my first answer of Your first PM contains nothing more but: "sure?"

...a common way You used to answer in former times, so I thought You would understand.


My second PM I sent to You, in response of Your, contains nothing more than:



I don't know how You come to Your conclusions...

...and I don't like conversations per PM behind the scenes - that is politics and something that should be changed, don't You think?


So, please don't ask me to respond to Your PMs, especially because You already have my EMail adress since years and we already had some conversations and my last EMail to You with important content kept unanswered - don't expect me to answer unnecessary PMs now.

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A nice "Punkt" on the horizon.

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