Fuji x20, olympus xz-1, sony RX100

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Re: Fuji x20, olympus xz-1, sony RX100

I have been meaning to post a sensible comparison between cameras of different sensor size and lens aperture for some time, but haven't yet got round to it.  I will soon!

You mention that the RX100 at iso 3200 is better than the X10/20.  You do realise that the RX lens goes to f4.9 whilst the X xx lens goes to 2.8?   So, depending on focal length you are shooting at you should be comparing the RX iso3200 with the X xx at iso800?  That of course is an extreme case at full zoom, with the X at F2.0 and RX at f1.8 at shortest zoom (28mm equivalent)  the RX has a slight advantage which is soon lost as it zooms.

Moreover the X lens has a slightly larger zoom range, which eats into the advantage of the bigger sensor  (equivalent 12Mp x (112/100) squared), again at the long end.

The comparison is confused by the EXR options in the X10 which suggest that 6Mp should be used on that camera.  When the dust settles on the X20 I will do a proper analysis.

Not all is as it seems!


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