eye fi vs transcend wifi for android

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Re: eye fi vs transcend wifi for android

thetrystero wrote:

How slow? For example what's the average time per jpeg and per raw?

the eye-fi software basically puts your computer in "listening mode". when you shoot a picture as soon after a small delay (probably to check that everything is connected), the card starts uploading and you eventually see a thumbnail for a few seconds on the computer screen.

If you are *very* close, upload speed may be around 1 MB/sec, so if you shoot in jpeg it's acceptable. if you shoot RAW... uhm... depends. if you shoot in RAW with multiburst, then just forget it. If you move out of reach of the wi-fi, I think it reconnects automatically when you come back, but anyway upload is sequential, so you cannot "skip" pictures.

With the transcend, things are a bit better, because the card acts as a server, so you can open the pc browser, navigate to 192.168.X.Y, look at the thumbnails and click on the pictures that you want to download [IIRC, btw the IOS app has an "auto download" mode]. My feeling is that the actual transmission speed is a bit higher than the eye-fi, but I didn't measure it precisely. Anyway, don't expect much: if you have many large pics, an USB cable is much faster. Ideally, I'd prefer a super-fast expresscard/USB3/esata/etc card reader.

Also the battery drain is noticeable: I also suspect that these cards may use some power even when the camera is off.

To sum up, my experience is that these wi-fi cards *look* useful, but in most cases where you think you have an use for them, there's actually a better way to do the same. However, nowadays they are supercool gadgets, so if you manage to use one publicly, you will look like coming out of Star Trek. If you value this (at fashion shows, it may be an advantage)...

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