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Re:Eu vs USA Spectraview II software capability with PA271W/SV versions

alpshiker wrote:

probert500 wrote:

Wow that's some settling - the NEC is one of the finest monitors made - simply superb. If you get the spectraview software and a good calibrator you probably won't see a delta e above 1 - and usually much less.

I'm using one now and I want to lick the screen it's so damned pretty.

That's nice comment, thanks Peter.

Do you have the PA or the Spectraview version of this monitor? As I mentioned above, TFT Central states in the NEC MultiSync PA271W review that the entry level PA is limited by firmware to video card profiling, while the more expensive Spectraview 271 and Reference 271 can be hardware calibrated internally.

My dealer has now the Spectraview 271 and Reference 271 tagged as "new products". Since those two were originally released in 2010 I believe, have there been significant changes in the technology?

However, comparing specs between the 3 versions shows absolutely no difference. They differ probably in that the more expensive models are built from select panels, are factory calibrated and have firmware for hardware calibration.

Re:Eu vs USA Spectraview II software capability with PA271W versions ....

TFT Central stated ….

"The other thing I wanted to take a look at is the USA version of the SpectraView II software, available from NEC's US website. We tested this with the PA271W before and this software does allow hardware level calibration of both the regular and SV editions of the screen. The European SpectraView Profiler software can only carry out full hardware calibration when combined with the SV version of the screen, but the US SpectraView II software can work with either fine. This is an NEC in-house piece of software."


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