A few X100s questions

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Re: A few X100s questions

vladi1234567 wrote:

Adrian Tung wrote:

vladi1234567 wrote:

Hey guys and girls, I would appreciate it if someone could help with my questions here - as this camera looks super tempting.

1. Is there auto ISO in M mode?

2. Does built-in flash bounce - like Sony RX100? Or is it not flexible - like Sony RX1?

3. What is an actual battery life? And is the battery the same as X100 or is it a different kind now?

4. What aperture does this camera default to when switched to Shutter speed mode?

5. How much faster does it focus in low light than RX1, if anybody had a chance to compare those two? And how much faster than X100, also in low light.

I'm trying to decide between the RX1 and X100. I don't like the price of RX1, and I love the Fuji's looks. But full frame is a big plus for me, as I'm spoiled now after having my D700 for the last 3 years, so I'm willing to pay the extra money, since I keep my cameras forever - and in the end the price difference won't be as huge as it seems now.

I intend to use it in low light venues for people/bands photography

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1) No

2) No, if you look at the pictures the flash is a fixed item in front of the camera

3) Same battery NP-95; no idea on battery life as I have never drained my batteries down to zero while shooting before

4) That's a strange question... wouldn't the selected aperture depend on the amount of available light?

5) No idea vs RX1; but vs x100, I would say often X100 would fail to focus while X100s can acquire focus. also AF speed depends on the current focus position of the lens as well as the presence of vertical features; if there is less lens movement required it can focus quickly otherwise it will take time to move or hunt for focus.

Thank you for your response. Could you clarify though - as far as battery life - how many pictures have you taken on one charge? This sounds encouraging that you never drained them down to zero.

As far as my question #4 - I'm used to Sony cameras, and this is how they work - my RX100 defaults to aperture F1.8 in Shutter priority, and then it raises auto ISO up to the upper limit if needed - but it always stays at F1.8. But Sony RX1 defaults to aperture F4 - not to its widest F2. So that is why I was asking how X100s handles S mode - are you saying when you switch to Shutter priority - the aperture could be anything based on the amount of available light?

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D700, RX100, D800

I don't think I can be of much help re: battery life... I checked my X100 shots, the most I ever went was 110 shots per day on vacation.

As for shutter priority mode: the X100s auto ISO mode allows you to set minimum ISO and maximum ISO. It will prioritize the ISO so will try to keep it at minimum, thus using aperture to regulate exposure. So it all depends on your auto ISO settings and the shutter speed you set. But in general, assume you will be in f/2.0 a lot in low light conditions.

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