SOLVED: Canon 7D "will not communicate with battery"

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Re: SOLVED: Canon 7D "will not communicate with battery"

peteruttan wrote:

i just got the same issue with the battery not being able to communicate...its show no battery level and found it drained completely after a few days of not being used. I saw the post about the freezer trick for 6 minutes and decided to give it a go by removing the CF card and lens, put the cap on the body with a fresh battery and put into a plasitc bag for no more than 4 minutes. Took it out of the freezer and put in a new warm battery and it WORKED!!!!

Glad i saved myself 250-300 bucks!!!

Hurray for you! I was the guy who initially had it fail outside in sub freezing temps, and later had it start working when I again used it in sub freezing temperatures. It was fun to reread this thread and some of the opinions of how it was mere coincidence. It won't cure the dead watch battery issue  one of the posters had, but does seem to cure whatever caused the camera to fail to communicate with the battery in sub freezing temps. Only Canon knows what component fails in the 7D when it is operated in sub freezing temps. It may be a contact issue or some wierd temperature sensitive component as Canon has replaced parts when some forum participants sent their camera in for repair of this issue.

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