To all the abused 7D focus issue owners

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Re: To all the abused 7D focus issue owners

Yet another happy 7D owner...

Yesterday evening while wandering our local bird sanctuary I met another photographer, for the first time. We started to chat and after an hour or so the conversation moved towards the camera equipment. Knowing my own biased opinions of the 7D, I let him explain his impressions of the camera without revealing my own. Indeed, he has had AF issues from day one. His observations were that no two shots in a row were the same for focus.  His solution, turn off AF and perform manual focus! I chuckled inside, as I thought back to this forum and this specific thread. His philosophy was instead of blaming the camera, simply accept its limitations and work with them. No doubt this has made him a better photographer but to me, reflects poorly on Canon's 7D as a successful model for those who transitioned from a Rebel series like an XSi, to an advanced enthusiasts, action shooter DSLR. Knowing me, should I run into him again, we'll spend some time to explore the AF setup and confirm if it is the camera or the user.

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