Producing The Best Kodak Images

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Re: Producing The Best Kodak Images

Photodesk gives good colour but not so good resolution.

C1 and RPP will give you the best from Kodak. RPP interpolation and resolution is hard to match but it is pure "digital developer" without many PP features like C1 and LR have become. It means that after RPP you may need to finish it up in LR/PS to deal with cropping, NR, lens correction and local corrections (spotting etc). RPP also have true film profiles which can give you a brilliant starting point colour wise. For C1 I believe the substantial problem is that it does not read DCR files - you have to convert them to DNG and profile your camera.

I am using LR for managing and PPing the DCR files but develop them all in RPP (this works nicely with LR).

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