A RX1 bag thread !

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Re: A RX1 bag thread !

I use the original box/packaging the RX1 comes with. I don't know why more people don't do the same. The box and form fitted hard cardboard shells were made to stand up to the rigors of shipping so you know they will protect the camera while out shooting for the day!

With a little practice, removing the camera from the box is pretty quick and effortless and I'm ready to shoot in no time! I have noticed that the box is becoming a little worn from use so I plan on "wrapping" it with a sturdy, clear packaging tape. I can't decide if I want to attach a strap to the box so I can wear it around my neck instead of handholding but can always add the strap at a later date.

When I go out with my DSLR, I have at least two boxes. One for the camera and one for the lens. It has become a bit tiresome and I've missed more than a couple of shots. That's what I love about the RX1, just one box!

You really need to post some pics of this set up please.

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