Advice on connections for a new monitor

Started Mar 11, 2013 | Questions thread
Iain Oglesby Regular Member • Posts: 126
Re: Advice on connections for a new monitor

I would check with the manufacturer of the card before deciding, I have an old Dell laptop in a docking station that uses a Radeon x600 and it works fine at 2550x1440, this is 8 years old and would expect it to have much lower performance than the one stated. Dell I have found will says things that saves the technician time especially if they think it might result in a sale.

Going back to my comment about RDP, I didn't mean to imply that it wouldn't work at the full resolution of the monitor but the refresh rates across rdp can be compromised and depending on the OS can be very slow. Windows Vista, 7 & 8 have much better RDP technology but I would still expect compromises, it all depends on your actual use. Displaying fast moving images at full resolution I would expect image tearing as it struggles to push such a large resolution down the network link. If you are not doing this then you should be fine.

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