In Belgium and wish I purchased the 14mm lens

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Re: In Belgium and wish I purchased the 14mm lens

Keit ll wrote:

You could shoot muliple frames & stitch them using Microsofts free ICE stitching program. Allow about 30% overlap & shoot more frames than you think you need to allow for some loss of image edges which happens when performing perspective correction.

PS :- If you can`t afford PS then Mediachances PHOTOBRUSH is an excellent program for correcting Jpegs ! There is a trial download on their site so it costs nothing to try it out.

The X-series can do that perfectly will with the built-in pano function. My only gripes are that RAW files are not saved (perhaps understandably) and that there's no option for a shorter pano scan - if you just want a slightly wider than normal view the current ones take too long as a process.

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