Clown Fish - Radio-Triggered Flash

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Re: Clown Fish - Radio-Triggered Flash

I think the ghosting you refer to is due to my post processing - I used a bit of a glamour glow effect. The flash was directly above the aquarium.  The only macro lens I have is the 100WR which, if put the hood against the glass would have put the fish at less than minimum focusing distance for the lens (it's a really small tank).  It was daytime when I took the picture and I do think it would be better if try again at night to avoid fighting ambient light.

I think my main reason for posting this was that I was impressed by how easy it was to pull off this kind of lighting with a radio-trtrigger set that cost me about $60 and allowed me to do it with a non-OEM flash. One thing I've always missed since switching from Nikon to Pentax was the CLS flash system.  Since I'm used to using flashes in manual anyway, I now have a system I can use with my Pentax that  I like even better than the CLS system.  I also like that I can put my old flashes to good use.:-)

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