So... I finally come to a decision to go with the OM-D... Is there any big hand users out there?

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Re: What's weak about the GH3?

Rens wrote:

As a very happy OMD user with normal size hands, I'm curious about your view that the GH3 is weak compared to the OMD.

For me, the OMD advantage is its small size so it fits (just) into a jacket pocket. Otherwise I'd be very interested in the GH3 with its fully swivelling screen.

So if the larger size of the GH3 isn't a problem, why don't you like it?

The topic is about ergonomics and size, and I do like the GH3 size, better controls, and other things that it does better than E-M5, like video, its better screen and the flash, but I have some significant concerns as well.  Those concerns bug me more than what is missing in the E-M5 but are available in the GH3.  The GH3 is expensive and its colours, especially skin tones, are still not as good, though improved from previous models.  Most of all, it does not have IBIS, so it cannot stabilise all M43 lenses, not just Olympus lenses like the 75mm, 60mm macro and 45mm, but also any legacy lenses, and in fact even some of its own M43 lenses that do not have lens IS.

The best thing of course is another OMD model with a larger size for better ergonomics and bigger controls, a fully articulated screen, built-in flash, and with its IBIS and all the M43 lenses make it so compelling.

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