Flash gun - can it be too powerful?

Started Mar 12, 2013 | Questions thread
kurja Contributing Member • Posts: 813
Re: Flash gun - can it be too powerful?

nissin 866 (gn 60) weighs 380 grams versus 460 grams of sony gn 58 flash.
sony 42 isn't exactly small either at 340 grams, only 40 grams lighter than the way more powerful nissin - which is twice the amount lighter, by 80 grams, than the /less/ powerful sony 58. Sony 42 also outweighs the more powerful nissin 622 (gn 44) by 25 grams.
Sure, there's a drawback to having a larger, heavier flash on your hotshoe. For having a more powerful flash, there isn't one.

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