nex 5R vs fuji XE-1 Does it make sense to get the fuji just because of the fuji colors and OOC jpeg?

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Re: nex 5R vs fuji XE-1 Does it make sense to get the fuji just because...

captura wrote:

LAbrewin wrote:

I prefer the Fuji for use with native AF lenses due to the fantastic jpegs - I don't have the time to PP every single file like I used to with my NEX 7. For me, AF was about equal between NEX 7 and the Fuji - in extremely dark conditions I prefer to use MF and a super bright lens (voigtlander 35 1.2) because neither camera would lock focus correctly. HHT is the only mode I miss. I think I've become less hesitant to carry a tripod with me in my car, so I'm usually ready for an impromptu long exposure or HDR shot. The biggest thing I miss from the NEX is focus peaking.

The AF issues may be improved with the NEX 5R/6, which would make this an even tougher decision. My suggestion? Try both and see which you prefer.

I have the 5R and it is indeed improved to the Olympus level, what with PDAF. But not as fast as Panasonic. The JPEGS are not bad but not up to Fuji or Olympus levels.

How fast is the XE-1 AF? And the video?

XE1 AF is adequate with decent light using the 35mm f1.4 (decent), 18 f2 (better), and 18-55 zoom (best -quick but not DSLR instant in lower light). The 60 macro is supposed to be pretty terrible AF wise, though IQ wise it's supposed to be a beast. In low contrast low light situations the Fuji can have trouble locking - I still need to install the latest firmware to test. My only real point of reference was to the NEX 7 with Zeiss 24, and I think most of the time the Fuji AF is about comparable to that combination. It's nice to hear that the PDAF has improved the AF on the NEX. I bet it would really help the AF on the 55-210. To be honest, I don't do a lot of action photography, and I don't shoot video so neither really applies. I take stills of things that are mostly standing still haha. All AF is an upgrade to me really - I shot mostly MF before except the Zeiss 24 and 55-210

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