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Re: I guess it depends on your dictionary

Olyroo wrote:

DDeMars wrote:

Olyroo wrote:

photofan1986 wrote:

From the dictionary :


cou·ple (kpl)

Hmmmmm. When I went to www.thefreedictionary.com and looked up "couple," I got this:

cou·ple (kpl)

OK, well I will turn 58 this year, so I have to tell this story.

When I was a kid (I was probably in about the third grade, so this would have been back in the early 60's) I was under the impression that "couple" means a few, and I used it in that sense in my Dad's presence when I was apparently referring to more than two and he corrected me "no, a couple means two." I actually didn't believe him but I looked it up and it was true (the dictionaries in the sixties backed up this assertion.)

That got kind of burned into my brain back then and I was always careful to use "couple" in the correct sense. So I was quite startled a few years ago to find that the mistake I made as a child has now entered into the arena of acceptable usage.

Frankly, I consider the use of "a couple" to mean a few to be sloppy usage at best, and I don't do it myself. But I can't argue with somebody else who uses it that way, as it is common enough to have found its way into all the standard dictionaries. Language changes and some things that were considered incorrect when we were children are no longer so. It may annoy me sometimes but I try to be philosophical about it because arguing against it is surely useless.

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