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Re: You mean we finally have a camera that does ETTR?

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Unless of course you take JPGs only AND use AutoDR, as I do. Then the histogram is of limited value as you just don't experience blown highlights with AutoDR, so no need to check a histogram.

Program exposure, with AutoISO, and AutoDR with a little bit of EC comp if needed; works wonders, just point and shoot.

What criteria does it use? Maximum 1% of the pixels blown? Maximum blown area 5x5 pixels?

It's a system used by many of the manufacturers, they just have different names for it. Fuji call it DR. It can be set to specific values or left to auto set. It's mentioned in a few reviews, here's DPR's take on it: I'm not saying it's foolproof, but it works well enough for me.

"...Dynamic range expansion

The X100 has two dynamic range expansion settings to bolster its highlight range: DR200 (200%) adds an extra stop of information in the highlights, and DR400 (400%) adds two stops. The mechanism by which this is achieved is technically different from the company's SuperCCD EXR compacts: rather than exposing half the sensor's photosites using a faster (electronic) shutter speed, the X100 applies less amplification to the sensor's output than usual prior to AD conversion to avoid clipping highlight data, then pulls-up the midtones to the correct brightness in JPEG processing. This is essentially the same process as Canon and Pentax use for their highlight-expansion modes.

So, what that means is that they just use a lower ISO setting (one or two stops)

An alternative way of thinking about this is that DR200 is like underexposing a stop to retain highlights then adjusting the brightness afterwards, and DR400 is like underexposing by two stops....

They don't change the exposure, that remains what you set it to. They just changing the processing (the gain doesn't change much on these Sony sensors anyway, so it really is all in the digital processing)

...In this comparison we can see the impact the DR setting has on highlight range. DR200 offers a huge 4.7 stops of highlight range, and DR800 goes another stop beyond this, disappearing off the scale of our graph. On paper at least this is very impressive indeed..."

It's something very readily achieved, and more with out all the features and jiggery-pokery. All these cameras you can more or less leave at base ISO and adjust as you like in processing. That's why I'm not a fan of your way of working, all these auto modes and DR expansion modes just turns something that is reasonably simple to understand and control into a mess of interconnecting modes, and you lose control of what the output is.

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As I said earlier, each to their own. I don't PP, straight out of the camera for me.

I understand most camera/photographic concepts but for me I have a camera that for 95% of the time satisfies me with its auto modes, or features and jiggery-pokery if you like to call it that. The remaining 5% I can switch to manual whenever I want.

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