Flash gun - can it be too powerful?

Started Mar 12, 2013 | Questions thread
kurja Contributing Member • Posts: 813
Re: Flash gun - can it be too powerful?

Manchester rover wrote:

I plan to buy a flash for my A57. I have an opportunity to buy a hvl58 or 56 or hvl42 second hand. The reviews all talk about maximum power and guide numbers. I suspect that the 42 would generally be powerful enough for my needs but the 58 could give me greater range if I need it and I like the rotating head. Is there a down side to the greater power if I am using it mostly at shorter range?

Does anyone think I would be better buying a new nissin flash for similar cost?

There's absolutely no downside to having more power.
Nissin flashes certainly look attractive, better specs for lower price. I've handled one and it seemed ok but I didn't actually photograph anything with it.

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