So few lenses for full frame? Am I the only one?

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Re: So few lenses for full frame? Am I the only one?

billorg wrote:

They are certainly lacking ultra-wides, I ended up with the Sigma after sending back 2 Canon 14mm, but so few choices in general. Every lens that has a zoom range I'd like ends up being for APS-C only. I assume they will need to wake up soon because the 6D is probably a game-changer for Canon and more people will be buying glass. Bill

I understand what you're saying.  The canon 10-22 for aps is such a good lens - a full frame replacement is hard to find.

I work mostly on a tripod so manual focus works for me - 2 lenses I use are the tokina 17mm rmc - when stopped down to f8 or 11 it's very good but also prone to flare - you have to be careful.  Any distortion can be corected in ptgui.  For around $150.00 on ebay it's worth checking out.  Small and beautifully built.  I got an olympus version and use an adaptor.

Recently I got the samyang 14mm - it seems to be very good - I've only used it a few times but I have high hopes.  14 is a bit wide for me but if the flare issue is minimal it might be worth it.  Once again ptgui cleans up distortion.

Hope this helps.

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