Monitors viewing comfort : CCFL backlighting versus LED backlighting ?

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Re:If that's settling I envy you.

alpshiker wrote:

NewsyL wrote:


You're going to have to do a bit of homework....


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Lots of thanks for your detailed and very informative answer, Newsy.

As you say: I should do my homework!

I had done a certain amount of homework before posting here however. But the fact is that it is almost impossible to make a decision on builder's specs alone. Even reviewers have to take account of a wide panel of users when they bring a product review. The interest of sharing in discussion forums is to get hands on experience from users and owners of the gear who are in the same boat. Maybe I should post in more specific forums, but let's see if there is more experience to draw from here first.

As I said, I had done a little bit of homework prior to posting here, and here is what I came to.

I will skip the Eizo line, mostly because the price range is above my budget. I settled for two brands and models:

NEC MultiSync PA271W

DELL UltraSharp U3011

Both are now at my reach with recent price drops. Both have wide gamut capabilities and internal LUT tables, which is great. It seems that many photographers are happy with either of those two. They have some cons however. Intrusive antiglare finish for the NEC, need for a specific calibration device for the DELL. Those two are now to be soon replaced by new models, so this is not latest technology (power consuming CCFL and no USB3 hub for instance).

So maybe there is a contender in the LED range ? I just read on the links you provided that some LED monitors have now non flickering light reduction electronics.

Would someone suggest a LED monitor that has been acclaimed by photographers who work in a controlled lighting environment?

Thanks again!


Wow that's some settling - the NEC is one of the finest monitors made - simply superb.  If you get the spectraview software and a good calibrator you probably won't see a delta e above 1 - and usually much less.

I'm using one now and I want to lick the screen it's so damned pretty.

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