Has anybody seen the starr comet in the northern hemisfere

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Re: Has anybody seen the starr comet in the northern hemisfere

fotosplaneta wrote:

Do you know which are the best camera settings that are necessary to picture this comet which it appears very low in the horizon and in the glow of the sunset. Furthermore, in the case in question it is necessary to take into account the glow of city lights. That is, which are the ideal aperture, iso, and shutter speed to get a good photo. Besides of the best focal length required to get a decent size of the comet´s tail.



Really depends how high in the sky you are able to locate it and how much haze. while it should get brighter as it gets darker it is so low that as it moves down in the sky eventually haze may obscure it. My best recommendation is a nice set of binoculars to find it immediately when it comes into view. look roughly above where the sun set. I set my focus on very distant clouds while the sun was still setting to avoid refocusing. I had to go all the way up to the local mountains here to get a clean Shot.

Iso, when it first came out I was shooting 100, 800 by the time it was all the way down.

If you followed the Fred Miranda link above you will see that the head of the comet is conical. The real shape is spherical. To best capture the true comet shape I observed keep the exposure under two seconds. At first I was able to keep it well under two seconds by the end in the haze it was much longer and the shape began looking worse in my opinion, more conical. Better to get a conical comet than none at all.

Dont need to worry really about city lights I don't think? Avoid them if possible.

shoot raw for noise removal.

i used a 300mm f/4 +1.4tc. f stop f/5.6-f/8 mostly 5.6. still pretty small in frame.

if you locate the comet early you should have plenty of time to adjust settings. Nobody will be able to give you the exact settings because conditions will vary and then vary again from sun setting. This is your chance to prove you can Quickly adjust. As long as you get one frame containing the comet you will be able to adjust exposure accordingly.

tomorrow is supposed to be a nice moon and comet photo op. however its not gonna really be easy to expose the moon and comet both properly so...

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