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Re: Why do I post here?

maple wrote:

This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone post to justify posting here.

Apparently you’ve had dreadful experience here. Mine is exactly the opposite. I find this forum immensely helpful. Here I got answers to most of my questions, and solutions to most of my problems. I’ve even recovered hundreds of images from a disrupted hd thanks to a member of this forum who responded to my SOS post and came to my rescue. One of the salvaged photos now adorns a wall of our big office. I've learnt something from this forum, through reading many informative and insightful posts and viewing numerous images shared here, many excellent, a few mediocre. I engage in discussions which can get very heated and even frustrating, but certainly help in improving my skills and knowledge in photography.

You blame others for your being in a sorry state here. You may rightfully do that. But if your experience is not shared by too many, then perhaps you owe yourself a few moments of retrospection. As the saying goes, when someone is in a pitiful state of affairs, he/she probably deserves it.

Sorry if you find me condescending and patronizing. But just like you. I don’t want to lie.

Thanks for posting this, Maple.

I have also found a lot of useful information on this forum - and made some firm friends.

As for replying to the OP - I might point out that it's really not relevant anymore. I'm pretty certain that RonJG (alias Jael) has once again been banned. And although he may be reading all this at the moment - he can't reply until he either signs up under another alias or the ban is lifted.

Anyway, some really revealing and frankly, ugly rantings and ravings have been unearthed because of the OP. I have tried to wade through it all but I have only read about half and that was enough.

All I can say is that of all the posts in this thread, yours is stands out for its stating of simple truths. One can learn a lot here if one is prepared to listen. On the other end of the spectrum, you won't learn a thing if you don't know when to stop talking and abusing others.

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