Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

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Re: How embarrasing. : )

qianp2k wrote:

Horshack wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

I, too, see more details in the 60D photo, on the whole, but the differences are insignificant to me.

I agree, the comparison isn't all that flattering to the 60D considering the huge difference in pixel density between the two. If the 60D was shot at the same focal length as the 5D the differences would be more apparent and would represent a more common usage case to take advantage of a crop sensor's "reach" (pixel density).

First of all, as many already pointed that OP doesn't do tests well. Obviously you can read members have different opinion regarding the resolution in OP's samples despite 5D photo is a bit over-exposed. However as I said I found 60D photo has obvious purple fringe in many places, and is noisy in shadow area.

I will try to do such test in more controlled environment and will take F5.6 for 5D and F4.0 for 60D as Joger suggested. I have exact the same cameras and lens for such test.

The test is fine.  You are simply making excuses. Exposure is irrelevant here...and actually favors the 5D.  If you are getting CA (purple fringe...oh brother) then use better lenses.

We've been staying tuned for you for years.

His test clearly shows the 18mp sensor outresolves the 12...something dozens of people here on the forums have told and shown you for years.

Stay tuned ...:-)

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