Advice on connections for a new monitor

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Re: Advice on connections for a new monitor

Eric Carlson wrote:

You keep mentioning dual DVI ports: Are you using dual monitors?

The OP has (or is getting) two computers, and wishes to use one (new monitor + keyboard + mouse). One of the computers had DisplayPort output. The other apparently did not have suitable output (DisplayPort or dual-link DVI), thus the talk of buying another video card that could support the new monitor's native resolution.

The "interesting" part comes in minimizing the cost and maximizing the convenience of the (new video card + new KVM switch + new monitor) setup. Basically, converting from DisplayPort to dual-link DVI is expensive; and KVM switches that switch DisplayPort inputs are also expensive. Using the monitor as a video-only DisplayPort / dual-link DVI switch might be possible, but would be less convenient than a solution placing all of the switching in a KVM switch.

My impression is that the OP was now thinking of getting new video cards (with dual-link DVI output) for both computers; downgrading the one with DisplayPort (so to speak) to better minimize the cost of the KVM (if he gets a KVM; he might not now that people have suggested Remote Desktop). Each computer would have a video card with dual-link DVI output, and a dual-link DVI cable running to the KVM. The KVM would have a dual-link DVI cable running to the new monitor.

You do bring up a good point - if the OP is going to do this, he should check that the KVM switch in question does take dual-link DVI input and does switch it properly. I could imagine there being cheap switches that only switched single-link DVI ("fewer wires == a few pennies of savings"), and that wouldn't make sense for this application.

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