Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

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Re: Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

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Sovern wrote:

Yea. This proves that theres much to it than this whole MP debate though than just mere pixels that determine image quality.

I don't think anyone is so dim that they would think "just mere pixels determine image quality". The point is that more pixels always result in more IQ, all else equal.

So using this post as an example. You like that 18mp APS-C (46mp FF eq pixel density) "sharpness" or pity 12.8mp "softness"? lol

No, Peter, no.  I like 46 MP FF more than I like 12 MP FF.  It's terribly odd, as often as it's been explained to you, that when "we" say more pixels result in more IQ, that that we're assuming all else equal, which includes sensor size.  Why do you not understand this?

Perhaps you are confused because "we" also say that, in some circumstances, more pixels on a smaller sensor can match, or even exceed, the detail in fewer pixels on a larger sensor, and you have difficulty distinguishing between the two situations.

Agreed. Larger pixel on larger sensor many times generate more pleasing photos. Canon should design a 14mp FF camera with much better DR and I guess it's many actually wanted.

Apparently, both of you find blur to be "pleasing", 'cause that's all you get with larger pixels. That said, for the sizes most people display their photos, even 8 MP is easily more than enough.

LOL. I love these 12.8mp blur photos

There is more blur in a 12.8 MP photo than there is in a 24 MP photo, all else equal.  The fact that 12.8 MP has "enough" detail for you at whatever size you display your photos is another matter entirely.

Do us all a favor, which includes yourself, and understand what is being said.

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