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Re: A Few Quotes....

Laurence Matson wrote:

Usee wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

But, deletions makes it difficult to go back to find evidence of one thing or another. And since so many (Laurence included) treated the man nicely.

But with your crack memory, you should remember all of the stuff deleted, which does not happen anymore. They just lock the threads. Deleting was done in the days of the older persona.

Laurence You are to often wrong...

...rethoric skill and a broad education can't substitute the truth -

neither in Your, nor in another universe.

Where am I wrong there except in my irony. Have they really deleted threads lately? Have they also gone through and parsed stuff out on a general basis? I know of one instance of the latter in recent times. But, of course, I could be wrong there. In any case, there is enough evidence of Ron's past provocation to make the basis of what I stand true, imo.

Yes, they've deleted whole subportions portions of posts and threads recently. At least one of my own was deleted along with RonJG's when he was on a rather nasty tangent to me... I had posted something to the effect that "Ron, John, Jaelkay, whatever your name, let's start over....."
That's all gone (or at least I cannot find it, and there was a notice about deletions ref my own posts). And the thread locked.

FWI I at first wondered if he were indeed the-poster-formerly-known-as-Jaelkay and doubted it initially. Then certain wording patterns and  unusual specific phrases have convinced me he is. He changed the initial profile information and email incidentally, I believe. That's why I at first 'mistook' him for a professional photographer in California, via the email he initially gave. I won't go into more detail here.
I sincerely tried to be nice and helpful, as I have to Jaelkay in the past and have been thoroughly rebuffed. Now I try not to reply to him.

Best regards, Sandy
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