Should I upgrade from Nikon dx to fx

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Re: Should I upgrade from Nikon dx to fx

jjsterling wrote:

Which should I buy the D7100 or the D600.

What do I gain with a FF

I would be using it for wedding and portraits.

So, the immediate differences of interest are:

1. DoF control will be better on the D600 with the larger sensor. Conversely, the D7100 has no low pass filter and so would arguably be sharper. However, for a lot of wedding and portrait work, being too sharp can actually be less appealing.

2. All things being equal, I would probably expect the D600 to perform a bit better at high ISO. That's not a given, sure, but usually with bodies relatively close to each other in time, the bigger sensors do better in this arena.

No I cannot aford the d4. dont like the d800

I'd be curious to know your reasons on the D800. I have it, chose it over the D600, primarily because the sheer amount of detail creates so much opportunity. Mind you, going back to my first point, that may be a strike against it for your purposes. At any rate, the D800 really does feel very nice in the hands and I don't say that lightly coming from Pentax who, in my opinion, are the best at ergonomics.

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