Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

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Re: Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

qianp2k wrote:

Sovern wrote:

Yea. This proves that theres much to it than this whole MP debate though than just mere pixels that determine image quality.

I don't think anyone is so dim that they would think "just mere pixels determine image quality".  The point is that more pixels always result in more IQ, all else equal.

Heck someone can take an iso 100 photo from a 40D, upres it to 20MP, compare it to a 60D 18MP photo taken at iso 800 and the 40D photo could look magnitudes better.

Entirely possible, since the 40D photo would have been made is 8x (3 stops) more light.

Not to mention that theres so many different variables that determine overall image quality me personally, I believe that MPs plays the smallest role of them all when it comes to image quality especially with upressing possible and lenses being MP limited due to pixel density on crop bodys.

Yes amount of pixels is the least contributing factor in IQ.

As I said, more pixels always result in more IQ, all else equal.  How much more, however, depends greatly on many other variables.

Personally I wish that Canon would scale back the MP's on their crop bodys to say 14MP and focus on increasing dynamic range with their crop bodys.

Agreed. I virtually never crop my 60D photos more than 50%. I clean 12-14mp APS-C is much meaningful to me than 16-24mp APS-C.

Except with each new iteration of sensor from Canon (I would say "generation", but it's the same old tech with a few tweaks here and there each time), both pixel count and DR go up.  In any case, if DR is that important, there's always Nikon, who, again, has both more pixels (a lot more) and more DR (a lot more of that, too).

I'm perfectly happy with my crop body though and it's only 10MP yet I find it has to discern between photos taken with it compared to say a 60D and 5Dmkii at lower isos (sometimes the lower MP photos actually appear to retain more detail compared to the 60D).

Agreed. Larger pixel on larger sensor many times generate more pleasing photos. Canon should design a 14mp FF camera with much better DR and I guess it's many actually wanted.

Apparently, both of you find blur to be "pleasing", 'cause that's all you get with larger pixels.  That said, for the sizes most people display their photos, even 8 MP is easily more than enough.

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