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Re: They want to make a profit

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amalric wrote:

Is what strikes me here, with some exceptions.

In fact if you followed closely 43rumors, instead of trying to deny its feedback, you'd notice that Oly could come up with two different solutions.

- a Pro m4/3 compatible with 4/3 lenses - perhaps dubbed the E-M7, this Fall.

- an E-7, 4/3 only body by Christmas.

It would then be easy for Oly to compare sales, and see what succeeds best. Important since both are going to be v. expensive cameras, compared to the competition.

The 'rumours' suggest that there will be both an E-M5 successor and an E-5 successor. That would seem to indicate that "One beautiful system" is currently still not viable. Also it seems that Olympus are considering producing other standard FT mount bodies, so perhaps the profitability of Micro FT lenses is not as good?

I would be surprised if there was a technical requirement for an 'E-9', however.

4/3 lenses were designed long before the downturn. Attitudes are changing. Terada mentioned how hard it was to sell even the inexpensive 45mm portrait lens, as a second lens next to the kit.

The mZD 45 has a single significant 'problem' -- it is a prime.  Many people prefer zooms.  I prefer zooms, but bought the 45 as it is the best option for a fast 'portrait' lens for Micro FT.  The 12-50 is not as bad as I feared, but it is optically very slow.  (Fine for video use.  Pity the E-M5 has such a limited video capability.)

One can surely make use of a half price telecentric 4/3 lens, because no one denies they are good, but to buy new ones in the region of 1000-2000 $, I think it's being starry eyed.

Notice that Olympus drastically reduced the price of the new mZD 75-300.  They are obviously aware that the old lenses offer a better value.

Although Oly has now a sensor as capable, or even better than a Leica. it is still a large numbers, consumer oriented camera division. Numbers also allow them to finance unique R&D and the Tetsuno factory.

The 'lens problem' needs to be addressed if they want to abandon standard FT.  The ZD 12-60 is much better than the mZD 12-50 in almost every way (except PDAF focusing speed and the macro feature; and weight and size, obviously).  The 12-60 is a US$1000 lens so the Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 is about the closest option, but that is not a particularly stellar lens in comparison.

Until I see Micro FT lenses to replace the 12-60 and 50-200 (let alone the f/2 SHG monsters) my guess is that Olympus' see no profit in going that route.  It is easier to produce an 'E-x' every few years, and possibly look into a lower end body for people with a large collection of HG or lesser lenses.

Getting PDAF working efficiently may simply be a very difficult problem (Rriley mentioned the obvious problem with IBIS screwing up on-sensor PDAF, for example) and ultimately they can't spend a fortune to get PDAF lenses working on Micro FT if it is far more cost effective to simply keep cranking out suitable bodies.  Maybe in another three years ('E-9' time frame) this will have changed, but until then do Olympus try to use the standard FT customer base or let it slip away?

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