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Re: Maybe you and I are special?

javafool wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

My first SLR in the early 1970s was a Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL. All manual exposure with stopdown metering and manual focus. I didn't have any problems with it either. My very first roll of film shot with it was good as far as exposure and focus. No problem. I used to shoot color slide film (Kodachrome II, Kodachrome X, Ektachrome) and B&W (Tri-X, Plus-X) with it. Maybe you and I are special????

I do like having the aperture priority, AF, etc. now though. But, I can still switch to all manual and take photos.

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Henry Richardson

Henry, you had more funds than I did. My first camera was the Mamiya/Sekor 500 DTL. It only went to 1/500 second shutter speed instead of the higher priced 1/1000 second shutter.

My recollection is that I paid something like $175-200 for the Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL + 55mm f1.8 lens.  I worked at after school jobs and during the summer and saved my money up.  I was in high school at the time and that was by far the most money I had ever spent in my whole life.   I remember wanting that 1/1000 shutter speed so I saved a bit longer.  Why did I want it?  Because I was a kid and cared about stuff like that then.   I don't know if I ever took a photo using the 1/1000 speed though.

By the way, I found this interesting info about the camera:


As far as hehateme and his camera, the OMD on iAuto or just Auto should take wonderful vacation pictures. He will have plenty of time when he returns to learn more about photography in general and the specifics of the camera. The family needs to enjoy the long awaited vacation and worry about learning a new camera later.

Yes, I agree.

I don't understand the previous negative comments about buying too much camera. He asked for help, not a bunch of crap from a few here who always have the answer but somehow too often seem to totally disregard the original question.

I agree with this too.

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Henry Richardson

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