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SirSeth wrote:

altair8800 wrote:

SirSeth wrote:

15. A99 viewfinder. (yes I want a 4/3rds mirrorless or translucent mirror digital pro camera now that Sony and Olympus are sleeping together).

Not for me if no OVF. This from Sony forum:

"I am shooting with Sony now for 3years, first A550 and now the A77. I do mostly wildlife and the EVF is giving me some trouble. Maybe you know or don't, but when shooting at 8fps or 12fps you don't get a live view between shots, making it very difficult to track a flying bird or whatever moves.
I used an A550 before whitch had an ovf, so I know what to expect."

I doubt A99 is much better.


Who said I would be ditching my DSLRs. This is just E-7 not E-everything.

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What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?

Ogawa: "Of course, we're reaching a high level of performance with our Micro Four Thirds mirrorless product, but we are still not satisfied with these at the professional level. That's why we think we still need the E-System to satisfy professional photographers."

No EVF for E-7.


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