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Re: Why do I post here?

richard stone wrote:

This verges on Comedy...

...We get on the forum and say what we think (in a reasonably pleasant way) and post if we have questions. Or answers. How hard is that??? So long as we have a semblance of good manners, and some level of self-awareness, all works well enough...

...trying to lecture others, ... people don't really have much to say and don't write very well either... Not to mention probably being wrong. And lacking organization in their writing...


I don't know how to activate those little + votes, but for being essentially correct, as in the points cited, 10 + votes.

I would only say one thing... if the people don't write very well then as long as they do what they can, their points of view - however "badly" expressed - are up for valid consideration.

Thanks, for you have (at least tried) to pass an iron over some of the crumpled contributions on the forum.*



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