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Re: Imaginings


I will have to be brief.

You seem not to have read everything Øyvind has written. I was the one who correct his blog on the SD14 way back then. There may have been a long spell when I did not post here much for personal reasons, but I think I have read this forum as well as anyone for the last 10 years. I am quite familiar with his posting history and do not even need to do the much-maligned research to do so.

What got me going here was this self-righteous moral crusade against all of the evil forces around here ganging up on poor Ron. First of all, Ron knows better than most how to defend himself the way he wants to do it. Second, he obviously had not read much at all of what Ron has done to make himself unwelcome by some. Third, ill-prepared, he set off in the dark across a cow field and stepped in one pie after the next as if he wanted to ensure some sort of cow pie bingo victory in reverse.

Like Ron, I have a low tolerance level, I guess.

Finally, I have been translating for over 30 years and well. I do not make it a practice of losing the meaning of sentences. In fact, I am often praised by the authors for the opposite. One Austrian author, whose essay on Mozart I put into English, said my text was better than hers. I did the speeches of some of the Swiss heads of state, and got the same feedback. I am pretty good at picking up voices from the written word, if I may say so. Ask Just Looking, if your memory goes back that far.


Richard Franiec wrote:

Laurence Matson wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:


I got nothing against beta testers. In fact, I do believe that they have crucial role in discovering faults and inadequacies in any new product or prototype. There is nothing to be ashamed of to be in the position to use one's expertise in truthful evaluation of given product and pointing out areas requiring improvements. Sometimes the improvements are not possible under current state of affairs and this is understandable but denial or discounting the fault by tester is not.


What I find disturbing is the presence of the beta tester or insider on the public forum, not per se but acting in the role of manufacturer's representative, or if you like, compensated or not shill. Forcing (repeatedly) one sided views with more or less diplomatic approach including attacks on people with different perspective gives away their identity and agenda. Who benefits from such behavior? The community? Sigma? I don't believe that lashing others to submission is the way of work acceptable for great educators, which most familiar with the subject should be. I also don't believe that untruth or partial truth becomes the truth when repeated a thousand times. Maybe this approach works for some but majority of regulars on many forums (especially this one) are independent, open minded thinkers who can read between the lines or like you would phrase, separate chaff from grain.

Of the people, who I have known working more closely with Sigma or Foveon by invitation, I do not know of one person, who fits the mold you have defined. At least not consistently. Not one. I believe you are projecting a model on to people that fits some perception you have of how. More often than not, the people with an agenda are those, who are disappointed, such as Ron or Øyvind, both of whom have ranted here about their SD14s. And when they got a push back in the form of a solution, they regarded it as some aggressive attack.

Laurence, with all due respect, I have to disagree with your perception. If you have time to review the Yvind's posts, perhaps you should try to take a closer look at 180 deg direction.

If you read Hulyss's post without your filter above, I think you have a clearer portrait of what passionate people do.

You don't need the imaginary filter, only open mind.

I did read Hulyss's post, liked it and responded accordingly. Actually, Hulyss went above and beyond what typical Sigma/Foveon defender would dare to acknowledge. His admission of color problems for pre DP3M cameras is refreshing and full of hope. I'm giving him two thumbs up for being realistic, enthusiastic and truthful (with evidence to see for all).

And were you as careful a reader over the long term as you expect others to be in public with their language, you would have discovered that omission is an art form of discretion and solution-finding is motivation to speak.

Of course I was. I have noticed the omission (of responses) to some of my posts. In fact in some of the threads I was the last poster, still waiting for response. I really cannot find the fault with (offensive, if you have that in mind) language in any of them. I don't have much of spare time on mu hands so, please, forgive me for not attaching the links.

Look at the cräp Kendall has to put up with by constantly telling people that there is a solution to the battery problem with the DPxM: turn off your camera between shots. He is not avoiding the problem; he is providing a solution.

What prompted you to open this can of worms is beyond my comprehension (if I have any in your view).

Why Kendall (who I like as a person) and others are going to the desperate measures telling everyone to turn the cam off between the shots or to buy six packs of batteries from different brands because the ones from other brands are less expensive than OEM's and, after all, they don't take much space in rucksack? That is the best you could do? Is this a magic wand to make obvious problem disappear?

If some of beta testers will feed the news to Sigma that the battery life is unacceptable and you have to do something about that to at least match the common expectations and Sigma would respond with the solution, that would be something to value and remember.

For instance, the SD9 was launched 10 years ago with a funny haloing approach to solving blown highlights. Someone at Foveon probably thought this hack would fly. It was mentioned by Phil almost immediately. Since Foveon contacted some people here about possible solutions - I was not part of that - the level of criticism dropped right away while something was worked out.


I cannot recall any postings about a "solution is on its way" and I have been banned from researching past postings by our new moral leader Øyvind, you will have to take it on faith that this might have happened and most certainly has at other times - see recent postings on Adobe working on Sigma cameras for ACR.

Always better to make friends than enemies. Have you tried to extend your hand to Yvind and work out the differences between both of you?

I don't like terms like Sigmafia, or fanboy, plentiful on this forum and I never use them. Since you have mentioned word "Evangelist" coined by the Sigma's founder for the close circle of followers, I think that this term is more adequate, palatable and also revealing. We'll see if it sticks:-D

He did not use the term for any "close circle." He used it with reference to every Sigma user out there. And if you were to read what Kazuto has written and said in public, you would understand that he thinks the same way.

Believe it or not but I have no ill feelings toward Sigma or the way they treat their supporters. If anything, working closely with such group is natural and, possibly, beneficial. The problem starts when such circle is trying to fight back anything contrary to what they (not necessarily Sigma) think is right and correct...and possible.You alvays have better horizon (in good weather) looking down from the top of the mountain than looking up on your ceiling.

On end of this musing I wish for more civility and respect for others and their opinions if that's not too much to ask.

No problem there. Just keep your imagination under control and do not project too much on to me or others. Taking someone at face value, i.e. reading carefully what they say at different levels, is equally as important. And don't come back to me about misreading Øyvind; I have read enough of his postings over the years. And you forget, perhaps, that my expertise is not in cameras by a long shot; it is in language and reading carefully what someone has written in one language to translate it into another.

Translating is a very responsible duty(!). Sometimes the true meaning of the sentence(s) can be lost or twisted in translation.

I don't like to take direct orders from anyone. What I post is what I feel and believe. No politics, no vested interests. Why are you trying to put a barrier in regard to Yvind postings? I'm not under NDA agreement with anybody or anyone.

Take care


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